Monday, 30 March 2015

Evaluation: Question 3

Media Evaluation

Question 3:What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
Film Distribution is the process after producing a film, which entails selling the film to its target audience, and getting the film as much income profit from audiences as possible. At the start of the process, the studio producing the film would make a licensing agreement with a distribution company. The distribution company would then decide on the amount of copies/prints the movie should have. They would then negotiate deals with several theatre representatives, to try and get their film shown. If this all goes to plan the theatres will lease the film under a lease agreement, and the copies will then be sent to the theatre a few days before the films theatrical release (which the Distribution Company also decides on). The fate of the film then lies in the hands of the audience as the film is released into theatres for a specified number of weeks.
There is a big difference between Major Big-budget distribution companies and Independent distribution companies. The main difference is the budget the films are given for distribution. Therefore big-budget films from major companies such as the avengers or the fast and furious can reach out to consumers with big budget TV-spot trailers and A-list star appeal. However since our film is an independent film we won’t have the resources for these opportunities, this does not mean there are not ways to distribute our film effectively.
Using “The Blair witch project” Distributed by Aristan Entertainment as an example of how we would like to distribute our film. “The Blair Witch project” was shown at the Sundance film festival in 1999, at the festival flyers were given out, asking if anyone had any information on the whereabouts of the “missing” students, which referred to the students in the film. This created massive buzz and appeal for the film as the distributors gave the illusion that the film was based on true events, making the film seem more authentic. As a result of this we would strongly consider having Aristan Entertainment as our Distribution Company as we find their distribution style innovative and effective.

Another Distribution company we would consider would be Hammer Films, as they specialise in making movies from our the horror/thriller genre e.g. The Curse of Frankenstein, The Woman in Black, Wake Wood, Let Me In. It is also an independent distribution company, which means they would fit more closely with our films budget.

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